We are Accounting Recruitment & Vetting Specialists. We help to connect Canadian businesses and accounting/bookkeeping firms with qualified bookkeepers that are right for their industry specialty, their accounting needs & business goals. When you need to find a bookkeeper, there is no more guesswork required!


Whether you are a contractor looking to grow your client base or a bookkeeper looking for new employment – Join our talent pool today or check our open listings! We help by assessing your skills and knowledge and help connect you with resources and clients that will work best for you.


Your firm needs quality bookkeepers to grow and succeed. Whether you need a contractor for a short vacancy or an permanent employee, we can help make sure they have the experience and expertise you need.


Managing your capital is the most important part of your business. A quality bookkeeper can make the difference. With Find Our Bookkeeper you can have piece of mind with quality, skill and experience vetted bookkeepers. We can help find the right contractor or assist you with ensuring your new employee has what it takes to keep your finances in order.

We help your bookkeeping business grow.

Are you bookkeeper looking for a job or to expand your client base? Find our Bookkeeper™ can help you connect with new clients as well as resources, education, and a community of bookkeepers.

Finding the Right Match for your business.

At Find Our Bookkeeper™ we help find the right bookkeeper for your business and industry specialty. We verify bookkeepers’ skills and experience through various assessments, so you can have piece of mind, knowing you have the right professional employee to grow with your business.

Looking for a contract bookkeeper you can count on?

At Find Our Bookkeeper™, we have developed a community of quality, vetted bookkeepers looking for new opportunities. Bookkeepers in our talent pool have their skills and practical experience pre vetted so they are ready to step into the role to keep your finances on track.


Going through your process was very helpful to me, actually. The exam was challenging but fair, and a good review of accounting principles and entries. Going through the QuickBooks tutorials and certification was also a good refresher. Completing those, and the confidence you showed in me, helped to bolster my own confidence as I approached the interview process. You both treated me very respectfully and I appreciate how you try to assess candidates for a good fit with the potential employer”



“I was recommended a bookkeeper by a client of mine who’s in a completely different industry, and I just choose to work with her because I didn’t know anyone else. Turns out that she didn’t really understand my business, and made things more complicated then they needed to be. I’m glad to be working with someone now that understands exactly what I need because sometimes I sure don’t!”

Alex B.N.