Finding the right bookkeeper for your business

Learn how we assess Bookkeepers for Aptitude and fit. 

The Find Our Bookkeeper ™ program was also developed to help showcase the value of Canadian bookkeepers, and pair businesses with someone who would be a mutual fit. We work with accountants and accounting firms to find bookkeepers who match their needs. So you can focus on doing what you do best: running your accounting practice. We work with you to discover your needs and match them with professional and skilled bookkeepers that can meet a range of clientele needs. 

What kind of bookkeepers we look for.

We are looking for Canadian Bookkeepers in all industries and with all skill levels! We need people of different interests, availabilities, and aptitude as the needs of every business is different. If you’re interested in a specific kind of bookkeeping skillset let us know! We can help you find the right fit. 

How the process works.

First you’ll need to send us a message, and we will book a time to call you. From there, we will explain the next steps, understand your goals, and discuss what you need from our bookkeepers.

How our clients have benefited from our bookkeepers!

As a business owner there is always so much to deal with and even hiring agencies don’t understand our industry. I really like dealing with a someone who fully understands and has fully tested the qualifications of the applicant. THANK YOU !!!  Using your service took 90% of the pain away from hiring a new person on my time. I highly recommend Find our Bookkeeper service. 

– C. Campbell Agency


Reach out today and learn more about how our bookkeepers can help your practice!

Why Choose Us


We help you find bookkeepers that match your skillset, strengths, as well as area of expertise.


We work with hundreds of bookkeepers a year.


We have the resources to support bookkeepers looking to up their education or learn how to be better bookkeepers.


As accountants and educators, we are uniquely qualified to assess the needs and the skills of our bookkeepers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What will it cost?

Our pricing is dependent on the requirements of the individual business. If you’d like a quote, please get in contact with us and we would be happy to provide that for you.


How does this benefit my business?

As accountants, we’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries, and understand from an accounting perspective the skills and expertise needed from potential bookkeepers. 

What we do for you is help take away a lot of confusion of having to do the vetting yourself, so you can just focus on having a bookkeeper who brings a lot of value to your business


Why is this better then hiring someone myself?

We’ve been in the accounting industry for over 20 years, and we have worked with 100s of businesses and bookkeepers.  

As business owners, we might understand what we want, but not necessarily what we need from an accounting perspective. Sometimes this results in a relationship where our expectations are not understood or not met, resulting in a bad experience on both sides. We help you avoid any of this by understanding your business needs, and evaluating all of the profiles presented to you to see that they meet criteria on multiple assessment levels.


How do you evaluate the bookkeepers?

We offer a comprehensive process, not only understanding the bookkeepers in terms of attitude, availability, and personality, but also their aptitude. They are tested specifically on accounting functions from basic to advanced, and we gain an understanding of any specializations,  industry experience, software certifications and training they may bring to the table.