Today’s feature is Kellie Parks, of SaaSy Accounting Coach and Calmwaters Cloud Accounting. A passionate business owner and ‘a relentless organizer with the belief that cloud financial technology is key to organization’ 

A certified professional bookkeeper, Kellie coaches future thinking accounting professionals who believe in the mightiness of online technology. With the drive to support accounting professionals, as they grow their business and operate cloud based businesses, her passion is about truly loving the work that you do. 

What does being a bookkeeper mean to you? 

“Bookkeepers know so much about business owners through their books that we are often the closest team member and advisor to them. It’s quite an honour to be so invaluable to them on their journey”

For over a decade, Kellie has run Calmwaters Cloud Accounting. She has worked with Freshbooks and QuickBooksOnline to support her clients in giving them useful financial data to run their businesses. As her business grows, she spends time educating accounting firms and SMBs with SaaSy Accounting Coach but continues to support her bookkeeping client’s day-to-day accounting needs as well. 

“It’s fulfilling to help clients grow and/or decide when it’s time for a change. Sometimes those changes can be hard and you may need to be a cheerleader but when you can bring more joy to their life and their business, it’s exciting.”

Share an experience you’ve had with bookkeeping:

“One of my long-time clients is tech-change-resistant but has deep trust in my intentions so she reluctantly agrees to whatever changes I suggest to her.  And it’s been great.  She had an endearing admin that was going to retire, but when I was telling him what was coming down the pipe for accounting tech changes, he stayed on for a few more years – he was gigged on the new, fun “toys”.  And when her Mom – sadly – fell ill, far away, she could up and go but still run her business from afar.  That was her most grateful time. “Kellie, I don’t always love using the tech you bring to me, but I love what it does for my business and my life.””

As a career professional, Kellie has spent 25 years working as the industry and technology markets have changed. She has embraced the changes, and seized them as opportunities. “Apps (SaaS – Software as a Service) are re-inventing the systems and the roles for how financial transactions are produced, exchanged, recorded, stored and reported. As more and more people and businesses buy into these new ways of working, this will lead to greater SaaS for all.”

You can find Kellie Parks here:

Our goal with Find Our BookkeeperTM is to understand the business, just as well as we understand the bookkeepers that we work with. Customizing a plan based on the business’ specific needs and wants helps narrow down the focus to find the bookkeeper that is the right fit for the business and its industry. All bookkeepers that we work with are put through comprehensive fundamentals and industry specific accounting aptitude tests, even if they are certified, so we can be sure of the expertise they can provide.

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