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The F.O.B Program showcases the aptitude and expertise of bookkeepers across Canada, connecting businesses and bookkeepers who are a mutual fit.

Learn how you could be matched with potential clients!

The Find Our Bookkeeper program was also developed to help showcase the value of Canadian bookkeepers, and pair businesses with someone who would be a mutual fit. We help you understand your skillset, strengths, as well as area of expertise and provide you with opportunities to present yourself to the right clients. Being a part of our network means more opportunities to align yourself to potential new businesses that would be a good match! The best part; it’s completely free to join! To be a part of our network of bookkeepers send us a message below.

How the process works.

First you’ll need to send us a message, and we will book a time to call you. From there, we will explain the next steps, understand your goals, and see if you are the right fit! Joining our network is completely free.

What kind of bookkeepers we look for.

We are looking for Canadian Bookkeepers in all industries and with all skill levels! We need people of different interests, availabilities, and aptitude as the needs of every business is different. If you’re interested in being considered for our clients, and are able to grow your bookkeeping business, it might be the perfect time to get in touch!

How you can join the program.

Sign up at the form below, and we will start with a phone call to explain even more about how the program works.

Benefits of the program.

The F.O.B Program helps businesses appreciate the impact and value that bookkeepers bring to an organization, and help create mutually beneficial partnerships. We work with you to discover more about yourself and where you want to be in their business, and in your own. We work to uncover your skills and niche and how that can work with our clients. We will align you with people that value and appreciate the skills, and experience you bring to the table, which will hopefully enable you to add more clients to your roster!

Our Mission

We’re looking for driven, motivated and talented bookkeepers that are looking to grow their businesses or expand their client reach. We know that no two bookkeepers are the same. Our mission is to help showcase the value of bookkeepers, and pair businesses with someone who would be a mutual fit.

Why Choose Us


We help you understand your skillset, strengths, as well as area of expertise and provide you with opportunities to be presented to the right clients, if you approve them as well


We work with hundreds of businesses a year, many in need of support right now, and looking for a good experience with a bookkeeper


We have the resources to support bookkeepers looking to up their education or learn how to better run their own practice, we’ll connect you to people who are the tops in accounting and bookkeeping business education


As accountants and educators, we are uniquely qualified to assess the needs of the client and the skills of the bookkeeper.

Our Process

1) Onboarding

It all starts with your expression of interest. We then have a casual phone interview to get to know you and let you know more about the program, and learn about you. This is a great time to ask questions and understand what you need to do to join the program.

2) Validation

We run follow up interviews and testing to assess you on: Skill set, Experience, Software, Personality, and your own Business preferences.  Depending on where you want to go and the work you want to do, the aptitude testing will vary.
If you own a firm of multiple bookkeepers and want to be considered, all bookkeepers are tested, not just you.

We are looking at you as though we were hiring you for our own accounting firm.

3) New Clients

When we are contacted by clients, all bookkeepers in our network are reviewed and then narrowed down for final skills testing specific to the hiring business. 

The top 5 bookkeepers will be approached and presented with details regarding the type of business and expectations, no names will be given.  

If, as the bookkeeper, you feel this could be a fit for you, then we finalize what information is needed for the client, covering all qualifiers, and at least 2, of the top 5 bookkeepers for this business, will be presented to the client for them to conduct final interviews for fit.

Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications do I need to join the talent pool and be considered for businesses that need a bookkeeper?

We deep dive into all of your skills and expertise from the level of your accounting knowledge to software you work with, and more. Depending on the clients you want to work with and the way you want to work, you will be required to take competences tests and complete questionnaires so we have a full overview of you, and your abilities. No matter your level, you can join the pool and we can assist you in getting the qualifications you need to get the clients you want.


Is there any guarantee in getting new clients by joining your talent pool?

No, there isn’t because that isn’t the purpose of the program. We want businesses to understand what they need and we find them the bookkeeper that can provide the skills and expertise to meet those needs. We can’t guarantee we’ll find you a client, but we will guarantee that you are considered every single time a client looks for a new bookkeeper with us. The bookkeepers we partner with the businesses are the best fit for them, not just any fit.

Do I have to have gone to school for bookkeeping to be considered?

Not all skills are learned in a classroom, but proper education is essential. All bookkeepers need to maintain their skill sets through practical upgrades and ongoing self improvement and continuing education. Though many of us can “learn on our feet”, there are accounting and bookkeeping concepts that require some type of formal education. If you’re worried you don’t have enough or could use a boost, we’ve partnered with organizations that offer bookkeeping, accounting and taxation education to get you where you want to be.

Is it really free to join? There must be some hidden costs.

Joining is free, but you have to put in the work and effort to be fully onboarded. We are investing in you, to get you onboarded, as a bookkeeper that we could pair with a business that appreciates your value and what you can bring to their business. Depending upon the contracts or additional services you’re considering through us, other fees could apply, but never will there be a cost to join the talent pool, or to be considered for a match with a business.

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