Finding the right bookkeeping CONTRACTOR or FREELANCER for your business

We create the Right Connection by helping businesses find truly Qualified Bookkeepers!

We’re changing the way Canadian businesses find their contract or freelance bookkeepers that live in, and are legally able to work in, Canada. We help create partnerships that are effective and positive for both sides with the ultimate goal of meeting the firm or business’ accounting needs. We work to ensure that the contractors are truly vetted for their actual accounting and bookkeeping skills and expertise and can serve companies across the nation!

How we work with you

First and foremost, we are not an employment agency or a placement agency. Primarily, we become a part of your recruitment and interview process – we are the team you need to help you find the right candidates and determine if they can do the actual work you need, through a variety of assessments, fundamentals and practical work.

After we make our referral, if your gut says that this is the right person for your team, you’ll know they can do the work!

How the process works

First you’ll need to send us a message, and we will book a time to call you for a no-obligation chat about the process. From there, we will explain the next steps, understand your goals, and discuss what you need from your next employee. We’ll talk more about the assessments we do and the information we will provide you on each of your referrals.

How our clients have benefited from our talent pool of bookkeepers


I used Find Our Bookkeeper once, and ended up with an amazing contract bookkeeper who met my wish list, not my settle for list. 100% success rate.

– Cloud Business Services


Why Choose Us

Many sites allow you to search through a list of freelance bookkeepers, but how do you know that this person has the right qualifications or is knowledgeable about your industry or accounting practices in general? You don’t.

That is why we created Find Our Bookkeeper!

We are the first, and only, organization in Canada that connects businesses directly with skill vetted bookkeepers!


Expert Advice from accounting professionals to help you identify your bookkeeping needs based on variety of factors


Strategic Evaluations of the bookkeepers in our network to find you a few options that we know will fit your business needs


Not just about finding someone to do the job, but someone who brings expertise and value


We work hard to discover the right fit for a mutually beneficial relationship, we don't "assign" or "refer" just anyone

Frequently Asked Questions


What will it cost?

Our pricing is dependent on the requirements of the individual business or firm. If you’d like a quote, please get in contact with us and we would be happy to provide that for you after we have a short introductory call to learn about your business and bookkeeping needs.


How do you evaluate the bookkeepers?

We offer a comprehensive process understanding the bookkeepers in terms of attitude, availability, and personality. They are tested specifically on accounting and bookkeeping functions from basic to advanced, and we gain an understanding of any specializations,  industry experience, software certifications and training they may bring to the table.  We also go through intense practical reviews, all tailored around your specific needs.


We have an in-house HR/talent acquisition team, how can you still help?

For firms or organizations with internal HR or talent acquisition teams, we help when it comes to vetting all of those candidates they are finding for your roles. This means, we don't do any recruitment, we support your team instead by putting your candidates through accounting knowledge assessments, practical work assessments and interviews, and even software skills tests.  Many HR or talent teams are made up of amazing HR professionals, but not accounting professionals. They know what your business needs in terms of fit and company culture, so let us help them determine if those candidates can do the work you want to hire them for....saving you time, money, and frustration!


Why is this better than just hiring who I like?

We’ve been in the accounting industry for over 25 years, and we have worked with 100s of businesses and bookkeepers on a regular basis

As business owners, we might understand what we want, but not necessarily what we need from an accounting perspective. Sometimes this results in a relationship where our expectations are not understood or not met, resulting in a bad experience on both sides. We help you avoid any of this by understanding your business needs, and evaluating all of the profiles to see that they meet criteria on multiple assessment levels.


How does this benefit my business?

As accountants, and a previous private accounting firm, we’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries, and understand from an accounting perspective the skills and expertise needed from potential bookkeepers.  We also very much understand to joy and pain of hiring the best candidate for a role.

What we do for you is help take away a lot of confusion of having to do the vetting yourself, so you can just focus on having a bookkeeper who brings a lot of value to your business