Today we learn from Tanya Hilt (@tanyasbootcamp), the founder of Cloud Business Services. We asked her about her company and what being a bookkeeper means to her.

Tanya is a passionate and enthusiastic person, with a relentless vision to bring the best tools to the bookkeeping community. In 2017, she launched the ‘Bookkeeper’s Bootcamp’, an industry accredited 12-week program that assists accounting professionals in North America. It was built with the goals of improvement, growth and prosperity through collaboration.

Cloud Business Services focuses on streamlining processes, increasing office efficiency and client outcomes. Her company operates on the core values of sharing knowledge and giving back to the community.

What does being a bookkeeper mean to you? 

“A bookkeeper is in the unique position of caring for the financial health of the business, as well as has the expertise to be able to advise the owner in ways that will set the business up for success and longevity.”

Tanya herself leads by example as an entrepreneur who gives back. She is a volunteer mentor of the Futurepreneur Canada and continues to increase her own knowledge through education. She shares her learnings and experience through public speaking engagements while continuing to advocate for the accounting profession.

Share an experience you’ve had with bookkeeping:

“During COVID, I took a proactive approach with my bookkeeping clients, and with the knowledge and outside of the box thinking, was able to help multiple clients pivot their operations and business approach.  I have had 2 clients confirm that this approach and assistance made the difference between them having to shut down their businesses, and them now thriving during the pandemic. There is no better compliment than this type of attestation. And yes, tears were shared. “

Tanya is a forward-thinking entrepreneur, and understands the struggles that some businesses face. With her experience and enthusiasm for the industry, she is committed to helping them succeed. As she says, “if our clients succeed, we succeed”

You can find Tanya Hilts here:

Our goal with Find Our BookkeeperTM is to understand the business, just as well as we understand the bookkeepers that we work with. Customizing a plan based on the business’ specific needs and wants helps narrow down the focus to find the bookkeeper that is the right fit for the business and its industry. All bookkeepers that we work with are put through comprehensive fundamentals and industry specific accounting aptitude tests, even if they are certified, so we can be sure of the expertise they can provide.

Reach out to us at connect@findourbookkeeper.ca or check out our website at www.findourbookkeeper.ca to learn more about this unique program for finding bookkeepers in Canada, for Canadian businesses.